Why a Modular Home?

There are many reasons to consider a modular home over a traditional site-built construction. Maybe you want to design and customize your home from the ground up, choosing the land you want to build on, all the right interior options, finishes, flooring, and window placements, so that you end up with the perfect home of your dreams. Maybe you have a limited budget, and want to get the most value for your dollar. Or maybe you are short on time, and need to see construction completed as quickly as possible.

Whatever your reasons for considering a modular home, Modular Advantage can help you realize the practicality and versatility of modular living.

What are the benefits of a Modular Home?

  • They are pre-constructed to your exact specifications
  • They are typically 10-20% less expensive than a traditional home build
  • They aren’t valued based on a location, so there have less price fluctuations
  • They are highly-customizable to an endless array of tastes
  • They are easily transportable from one location to another
  • They have clean, modern lines in the post-modern style
  • They are produced by factory automation, creating a consistently excellent product
  • They are energy efficient and outperform typical site-built homes on air filtration
  • They are praised by FEMA for their resilience under extreme weather conditions
  • They are 1-2 months faster to construct!
You’ve probably heard that building a modular home is considerably faster, but is it true? Absolutely. Now let’s see why. Here is a typical work timeline comparison: Construction-Timeline-Graphic