Q. What do I achieve by buying direct from you?

A. You will reap the benefits of building your dream home, saving you thousand of dollars.

Q. What styles of homes are available to me?

A. The manufacturer can build almost any style home including ranch, bi-level, cape, contemporary, colonial, multi family units and almost any custom design.

Q. What type of material goes into your modular homes?

A. We build our homes with quality, name-brand products and materials that you know and trust.

Q. Does the modular home come with a warranty?

A. The homes come with a standard one year warranty. Some individual product warranties may be longer. Our homes come with a ten year structural warranty.

Q. Can the manufacturer build a custom home I saw somewhere else?

A. This very well may be possible. We would be glad to forward your plans to the manufacturer for determination or possible revisions.

Q. How long will it take to build my home?

A. It usually takes 4-8 weeks to build your home in the factory. The lead time may vary depending on the site work.

Q. Who will transport the modular home to the site?

A. The manufacturer will transport the modules directly to the job site using their own carriers. Delivery to the site is included in the price.

Q. How complete will the home be when shipped from the manufacturer and how long does it take to complete the “finish work”?

A. As a rule, modular homes are anywhere from 75% to 90% complete when they are delivered. The amount of remaining “finish work” depends on the layout, size and intricacy of the house. We have had motivated customers who have sub-contracted out most of the work and were finished in 3 weeks time. Others with difficult regulatory agencies, or those doing most of the work themselves, have taken 3-4 months. On the average, figure 6-8 weeks depending upon the complexity of your project and how motivated a Project Manager you are.

Q. What type of work will need to be completed that is not done by the manufacturer?

A. Some types of work that will need to be complted by the homeowner are excavating a foundation, constructing garages, deck and bump-outs. Depending on the area, it may also be necessary to drill a well and arrange for a septic system. In addition, any “finish work” that is not complete by the manufacturer will need to be done by you also.

Some examples of “finish work” are:
  • Utility connections-complete the electrical service connection to the panel box as well as any water & sewer connections
  • Testing electrical system and install any remaining light fixtures
  • HVAC System completion-you may need to install the central air unit, furnace and make duct work connections
  • Exterior concrete work-arrange for the pouring of any concrete slabs, patios, sidewalks, curbs or driveways paying
  • Construction of wood decks and porches
  • Final grading of the lot (done by the excavator)
  • Landscaping-arrange for final landscaping work such as sod placement and tree planting
  • Seal any drywall cracks that may have occurred during transportation
  • Interior clean up and painting